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Industrial Solutions

Large Scale Buildings

Personalized solutions for any use of space.


High level of comfort and service, even for the most demanding customers.

Livestock Breeding Units

Constant heating of the stable with no obstacles.


Consecutive operation of the oven and savings in fuel consumption.


Ideal microclimate for your crops at a very low cost.

Drying Units

Easy drying of agricultural products, aromatic plants and tobacco.


Ceaseless supply of hot water during cheesemaking.


Steady supply with hot water during distillation.

Domestic Solutions

Central or Individual Heating Systems

Stable high temperature during winter for you and your family.

Production of Domestic Hot Water

Continuous hot water supply for all uses.

Floor Heating

Even distribution of heating and comfort at low cost.

Heated Swimming Pools

Enjoy the beneficial properties of a private spa.

About Us

At Axinar we stand out for the consistency of our words and actions. The extensive number of our satisfied customers and the rapid growth of our company are a strong proof of the high level of service, top-notch know-how and conformity on the principles and values of our company.

Our customer-focus culture is a benchmark for continuous investment in new technologies and mechanical equipment, in order to successfully meet our customers’ needs.

AXINAR Production Line

We don’t follow the advancements; we lead them.
Enjoy the benefits of technology that AXINAR brings to you.

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