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Industrial Solutions

At Axinar we design and manufacture products for all professional needs, where the minimum requirements are precision, ease of use, smooth and cost-effective operation.

Our product range includes:

Integrated heating systems – Pellet Boilers 35 to 150kW for every need,

Pellet Burners 35 to 150kW for application in Hot-Water Boilers, Vapor Generating Boilers, Air Boilers, Superheated Water Boilers.

Some of the professional applications where our products provide solutions are:

  • Large scale buildings (industrial plants, churches, public buildings, restaurants)
  • Hotels
  • Livestock breeding units (pig pens, poultry farms, etc.)
  • Furnaces (bakery, ceramics, etc.)
  • Drying units (tobacco, cereal, fruit, etc.)
  • Greenhouses (fruit, sporophytes, etc.)
  • Cheesemaking
  • Distilleries

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