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Corporate Identity

Our mission is to develop and provide integrated heating solutions of added value to the customer, focusing on quality, functional design, efficiency, performance and safety of our products.


Axinar is a rapidly growing company of innovative heating products. The Company was founded in 2010 with the view to providing integrated ecological and smart heating solutions for industry and residence.

As the most reliable partner, it designs and manufactures heating products of high quality standards that meet the needs and requirements of its customers, even in the most demanding sectors. Meanwhile, the company develops long-term trust relationships with partners and suppliers, maintaining high level of services.

The Company continuously broadens the range of its products, focusing on continuous quality improvement, sustainable development, integration of innovation and adoption of technological advancements. Its renewed product portfolio includes:

  • Pellet Boilers
  • Pellet Burners
  • Agricultural Accessories and Wood Splitting Machines
  • Outdoor Heating
  • Oil Separators
  • CAD/CFD training services


Export orientation comprises a pillar of the growth strategy of Axinar. Its export activities cover 90% of its production capacity with important customers in Europe, America and Africa. At the same time, Axinar is the main strategic partner of one of the leading European companies in the sector of pellet heating, on behalf of which it manufactures and exports boilers on a yearly basis. The continuous expansion of its export activities is a touchstone for the reliability of its products on a global level.


We don’t follow the advancements; we lead them.
Enjoy the benefits of technology that AXINAR brings to you.

Why Us


At Axinar we believe it is important to manufacture and support products in an optimal way. For this reason:

  • We manufacture top quality heating systems that meet even the strictest performance standards and have European certifications.
  • We are continuously investing both in state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, and highly trained and specialized staff. Welding robot arms and CNC lathes are included in our recently acquired assets.
  • All our products are manufactured from certified raw materials and top quality parts, so that we can provide high reliability products. We are conducting quality control and select our suppliers based on strict criteria.
  • We have a fully integrated heating systems production and the necessary know-how to manufacture both the final products, as well as develop their operating software.
  • Our products are distinguished for their long lifespan. For this reason, our clients can benefit from one of the longest guarantees in the market – 2 years for electronic parts and 5 years for metal parts.

Our Values

Our activities are always focusing on the provision of optimal services to our customers. Therefore, no compromise in the quality of raw materials is made. For this reason, we select suppliers that hold the necessary quality certifications for the materials. Furthermore, we are continuously investing in new mechanical equipment, in order to improve the efficiency and performance of our products.

We are closely monitoring changing trends and technological advances and incorporate the demands of the market into our products, so that we can develop innovative solutions for our customers.

At Axinar, we keep our promises. We are constantly building a network of reliable partners and agents, renewing our trust-based relationships with our clients. Integrity and responsibility are the values that distinguish all our partnerships.

We encourage two-way communication with our clients, so that we can meet their needs more effectively and maintain open communication channels with the local community.

We make the most of our talented human capital and devote resources to its continuous vocational training.

At Axinar, we always operate with responsibility and respect to the environment, always in compliance with the applicable Law.

Our Capabilities And Equipment

AXINAR Production Line

  • High production capacity: Sheet metal constructions up to 2500 tons annually
  • 2 x 3KW Fiber Lasers with sheet dimensions of 1500x3000mm, equipped with loading suction cups. Capable of working with Steel 0.5-12mm, Stainless Steel 0.2-6mm, Aluminum-Copper 0.5-3mm.
  • Salvaghini 7-axis Press Brake with automatic crowning and angle measurement, 3000mm/135T.
  • Ermaksan 6-axis Press Brake with 3D Dellem Controller, 2500mm/60T.
  • CNC Roll Bending Machine (DAVI) with 4 rolls, 190mm diameter, 2.2 meters long.
  • 4-axis Machining Center (HAAS VF2) with automatic tool and workpiece measurement.
  • 4-axis HAAS ST 15Y Lathe (with bar feeder, 63mm diameter) with maximum dimensions of 200mm diameter and 450mm length.
  • Automatic Bandsaw (Kaldenbah 380H).
  • 12 welding stations with Fronius 2700 Pulse Welders suitable for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Full range of small auxiliary tools and machinery, including spot welding (3mm to 10mm), pem press, engraving S/N, clinching tools, etc.


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