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Axinar manufactures analog burners with an internal screw feeder that feeds the combustion chamber with pellet, with no barrier at its ending. The auger is a stainless seamless pipe, so that the minimization of noise and the smooth pellet flow into the burner are achieved. The combustion chamber is made of high-grade stainless non-magnetic steel, resistant to high temperatures, which prolongs their lifespan.

The burners have a FKK ceramic igniter, which reaches a temperature of 1200οC and achieves ignition in less than 45 seconds, up to 4 times faster than a metal one. Furthermore, they have a powerful EDM-papst motor, which constantly provides excellent efficiency air, so that a smooth combustion is achieved without any problems. Burners with a power of more than 75kW, apart from the typical cleaning with the use of air, are additionally equipped with an automatic mechanical cleaning system of the combustion chamber with a sliding piston.

Moreover, they have an extremely easy and user friendly software, specially designed by Axinar for the control of the proper function of the burner, which also informs the users when they must call a technician for its annual maintenance. An additional innovation that Axinar has integrated is the use of Bluetooth® technology for the remote control of the burner through a tablet or smartphone application.

All burners are manufactured and inspected, based on the ΕΝ 15270 standard, which makes them all absolutely safe for any domestic or professional use.

They are available in different power models that cover various needs and requirements, guaranteeing that their performance and efficiency are the ones you really need, saving thus energy and money.


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